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Mission 5: Lightning Strike

This is the final mission in the LH Versus SS story line (Part 1)
Part 2 will be LH versus TG, which will come at a later time after ive finished all part 1s for all factions.

This mission is a big one, high block count and may be unacceptably laggy. If it is, ill sacrifice the "grand" feel i was trying to achieve and switch to smaller vehicles.

Functionally, its basic. Kill a Trident aircraft carrier.

Lightning Strike

Hello Agent, come have a drink with me; we need to discuss something. The war with the Empire keeps dragging on and on, but our own fleet isn't able to hold off the Steel Empire forever. Worst of all, our business profits are plummeting, and investors are fleeing the area. Therefore, we need a decisive victory. It’s time for us to strike the Empire hard, and I have come into just the information we needed to do this.

Deep in Empire territory are reports of a high value target; a Trident Aircraft carrier, sailing without an escort. Such a juicy target sitting alone out on the open ocean just can’t be ignored. Do you want to know what the icing on this delicious cake is? The High Admiral of the fleet is on that ship, and boy has he been a thorn in my side for decades! He was always arguing for more military, more fighting, more this, more that. Can you imagine the difficulties of turning a profit with someone like that throwing money away all willy nilly? Now, he perceives the Lightning Hoods succession as a personal affront to him somehow, and he has vowed to wipe us off the face of Neter. As you can imagine, removing such a verbose opponent from the war would make things significantly easier for us.

We can send you out with five fast attack aircraft to destroy your target. Our own air force may be too weak for the task, so it may be wise for you to commission craft from the outside for this attack.

Too good to be true
I recall the words of a wise admiral in some stories I've heard. They were "It’s a trap!!!", but in this case, a lone carrier without an escort just smells too good to be true. We have to take the chance. Finish your mission, but be wary of anything that could come up.

You should bring 5 aircraft with you into the mission. Not doing so and only bringing 4 or less will cause the games lose condition to never trigger.

Lose Condition
Use every aircraft at your disposal to finish this battle. Success could be a turning point for the entire war effort.
Lose message
Any word from our agent yet? Nothing? Well, keep listening, but at this point I'm afraid I'll have to declare the mission failed and our Agent listed as MIA. Perhaps one day he will return to us, but i somehow doubt it. Would you be so kind as to hand me that remote? Yes, the one with the big red button, i need to activate something...

Win Condition
Don’t let this opportunity slip through our fingers. Destroy that Aircraft Carrier before its escort comes back!
Win Message
The escort never returned? It wasn’t a trap!? Splendid! That was an impressive fight, and your actions were absolutely heroic. Not only has your actions helped with the war effort, but they have left a mark on all of Neter's history. You see, on your way back to HQ, the Steel Empire command contacted us, and something unimaginable has happened. Due to the concentrated efforts of us and our allies the White Flayers, the Steel Empire has dissolved. The oil barons of the Onyx Watch have declared independence, and what is left of the Empire has decided to call themselves the "Steel Striders". They have asked us to cease all war efforts, and they have agreed to recognize us as an independent government. New borders will be drawn up, but that’s not your concern. What concerns you is, the war is over! Again, your work for us has been phenomenal! the Lightning Hoods owe you a debt of gratitude. Maybe it’s time for a vacation? Here, let me take that bomb co--er, agent collar off of you.
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