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Mission 4: Prison break

This mission is based on the input given my Sagethe13th

In this mission, your dropped from High altitude and land on a prison facility. You have to find your way in (there are multiple hard ways in, and multiple easy ways). You destroy the heart stone, teleport to a Jet and fly away to freedom (with SS jets shooting at you)

Prison Break
Hello Agent, please come in, take a seat.
Inara Ventarius has spoken highly of you, and she has asked me to personally handle you. As a member of the council I have access to the most classified information the Lightning Hoods have collected, and you will be my hands on the ground. Well, in this case, it's the sky.
Tell me Agent, have you ever done a H.A.L.O jump before? No? Well, today is your lucky day. We have recently learned the location of some of our most valued members of the corporations. They have been missing ever since we seceded from the Empire. They were presumed dead until recently. Now, we have learned they have been held in a Steel Empire prison facility deep in Empire territory, which is used to hold enemies of the empire without charging them with a crime, until the Empire has enough evidence against them. This place has no official name. In fact, it officially doesn't exist, but for those who are "in the know" as I am, it’s commonly referred to as "Limbo".

Thanks to some high altitude spy ships we have also learned the location of Limbo, and are preparing a one man rescue team. Can you guess who is on that team? Very Good, I knew you were a sharp one. Once you are in Limbo, find the central "Heartstone" that powers the place, and take it out. That will release the prisoners. You are to then transport to a high speed interceptor jet and come pick up our people. Once on board, high tail it out of the area. Pack your gear and guns; you are wheels up in less than an hour. Don't worry; they will instruct you on the flight on how to use the reconstruction drop pods.

There is No Spoon
No, you won’t need to use a spoon to dig your way through the walls. Prisons are made to keep people in that are already inside. You coming from the outside should find a way in. Plus, you have guns and explosives, so that helps too.

High Speed Pursuit
It won’t be long before the Steel Empire sends interceptor jets to shoot you down. If you're skilled enough maybe you can take them out, but best bets are on just running away.

Vehicles involved: 1 LH jet, 1 SS structure, 7 SS Jets

Win Condition

Get into the prison, unlock those doors, and get our people to safety.
Win Message
Well done Agent! From the stories I’ve heard you must have eliminated over fifty guards in that facility! Stuff of legend right there! Ohh, me and you, we are going to have such a good time together, aren't we?

Lose Condition
You will need that jet to make your heroic escape. Without it you may become a prisoner yourself.
Lose Message
Hello agent, I’ll be your torturer today. We are going to have a little chat, and you’re going to tell me all about the Lightning Hoods plans. First, why don’t you tell me about that fascinating collar around your neck? Ohh look, that red light just came on.
*Remote Self-Destruct Sequence Initiated*
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