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Mission 3: Eyes-Only

Ive done something interesting in this mission, and i dont want to spoil the surprise till I have the mission released, so no description of the mission this time.

Agent, over the past year you have ran and impeccable campaign holding the Steel Empire at bay. Without you I'm certain those skirmishes would have gone worse for all of us. We believe it's time for you to take on a more prestigious assignment.
Do you remember those scientists you helped evacuate to safety last year? Well, their research has born fruit. A new prototype ship has been designed for the Lightning Hood fleet. It is something that no one has ever seen before, and will usher in a new age on Neter.
The scientists have developed what they are calling "True Artificial Intelligence." It goes beyond the simple AI built into most ships; those ships require continuous monitoring from Human operators. This AI apparently can formulate strategy and make decisions based on an evolving battlefield. It can plan for the future and make the right choices to achieve this future. All of this information is under the general directive of the Lightning Hood leadership.

Tomorrow, they will be testing what they call the "Ascension_Prototype" and you will be there to provide protection and security for none other than the Doge, Inara Ventarius. There is a Steel Empire cargo ship in route to resupply the Empire, so the Ascension Prototype will be sent to intercept this cargo ship as a demonstration of its abilities. Inara Ventarius and you will follow behind the Ascension Prototype in another ship to watch the demonstration.

Your job is simple; make sure nothing happens to the Doge just in case the Empire has a surprise up its sleeve.

Just sit back and watch as the Prototype destroys the cargo ship. I'm sure it will be a great show.

Make sure nothing happens to Inara Ventarius.

Win Condition


Lose Condition
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