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Over 10k block campaign units' list; what do we do with those?

As said in the OP DWG is one of the most fleshed out faction there currently is in the campaign, there also are no designs above 10k and therefore no action has to be taken.

In my opinion tough while I do like training my missile launchers on DWG medium-high block floating punchbags it would be beneficial to aiming towards smaller but more efficient designs still within faction standards. I am also convinced that the Cannon and general offensive weapon spam on some bigger vehicles could be reduced if favour of a higher armor protection wich would in return help LAG wise and gameplay wise with the enemies even tough the starter faction not feeling too much like glass and not making the new player too sure of themselves in regards of their weaponry (wich would be a nice introduction of more durable designs of other factions, improving the learning curve).

An example of such a vessel in exchange of an existing one would be the in-game Riverhome and my own/Diemango's/Pathos' Riverhome version. It does have a much lower fire volume but it is much tankier, more stable and durable and the extra block count is also used to make it look good (and now that there are sloped beams O could reduce even further) and functional. It looks like an actual place where people live on and can even be repurposed as cargo as the rooms can be exchanged for a cargo hold. Here is the thread of the unit, the latest version still not touched by the new sloped beams is in the latest comment of mine.
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