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Mission 1: Flayer Betrayers

Sorry 7thfleet, Nick wanted a specific mission done, and its most appropriate in SS. Im making this the new mission 1, and the other old missions have been renumbered and will be redone in the future.

This mission is a Tower defense, or as best I could do.
It has a building behind some defense towers, but the player must use his resources to build new guns on the towers and defend from an air attack

Flayer Betrayers
For over a decade we have been at an uneasy truce with the White Flayers. During this time of peace we decided to allow the Flayers to govern themselves instead of submitting to our own greater government. This was obviously a mistake because we are now detecting over a dozen Flayer aircraft heading straight towards us. I personally can not fathom why they would be so brazen as to attack us on our own land; don't they know how horribly outgunned they are?
Private, from their trajectory we believe they intend to attack the coal power plant that you are guarding. Since you are the only soldier we have stationed there it is your responsibility to keep that plant safe.

There are multiple gun towers there for defense, but most of them were never completed. Man the anti-aircraft guns while simultaneously getting those other turrets up and running.

Black Out
Private, that coal power plant provides power to the entire southern coastline. If it goes down our defense network will go offline soon after. I can't imagine what the Flayers's goal is here, but it can't be good. Protect the coal power plant at all costs.

Factions involved
SS Structures Versus WF aircraft

Lose Condition
If that coal power plant falls, the ensuing blackout will leave us vulnerable. It is your responsibility to keep her safe. If not, you will have an appointment with the gallows.
Lose message
The entire southern coastline has gone dark. To make matters worse, our long range scanners are showing a group of Lightning Hoods contractors leaving on a group of ships. We have no idea what's going on here, but we will get to the bottom of it. Of course, none of this matters to you now, for you have been dishonorably discharged from service. Be happy you aren't hung for treason.

Win condition

Fortunately for us the Flayers air fleet is spread out over several kilometers; if you're smart you can pick them off before they manage to do any real damage.
Win message
Well done private, with the Flayers air fleet smoldering on the beaches of our coastline, the power plant is secure once again. We will be investigating who is responsible for such an obvious weak point in our defenses. It seems clear to me that your talents have been wasted guarding a power plant in the middle of nowhere. I think it's time you get assigned to the front lines, for that's where all the glory is!
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