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Mission 1: Time to Bolt

This is an escort mission, basically get the cargo ship to WP.

Solusphere wrote the first mission and described what he wanted the fleet set up to be. I did the rest.

Time to Bolt
Wake up, Agent! Our plans have been intercepted by those blasted Twin Guard machines, and they've gone ahead and let the Striders know what we're up to. The infiltration is a wash, your cover is blown and we're pulling you and the research team out of Steel Striders territory immediately. We've already lost the other two teams, and there are ships inbound as we speak. That flashy custom job of yours is the only defense we've got right now. Head southeast, the Flayers will receive you at the border and escort you through their territory until you reach Orhurst. Make sure the freighter carrying the research team makes it to the rendezvous team intact, or this will all have been for nothing. Don't fail us

Involved Factions:
LH with SS ships and Helicopters chasing

Win Condition

Once you are safely inside our allies territory the Steel Striders wont be prepared to follow you further. Get there as quick as you can.
Win Message:
Excellent work, Agent! The Striders will likely still try to attack you in Flayer territory, but they'll need to call in reinforcements, which buys us some time to reorganize. I'm scrambling some thrustercraft to provide air support, they should be there shortly. Let's hope you won't need them.

Lose Condition:

That cargo ship is carry some of our best and brightest researchers back to safety. If you let them die, all the knowledge they have gained while working under cover will be lost. Let that collar around your neck be a reminder of failure.
Lose Message
No! Years of work, wasted! Agent, you won't fail us a second time!
*Remote Self-Destruct Sequence Initiated*
"Ask for the world and you'll get nothing, ask for something achievable and you might actually get it." -Majyst

"Im a leaf on the Wind, Watch how I soar" - 'Wash' Washburne

"Exaggerating just pisses me off" -Majyst

"Shiny" -Captain Malcolm Reynolds

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