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Advanced aerial AI (version 5.32)

Update the OP with version 2.6 of the AI. It now has support for many different kinds of helicopters, airships, and hovercraft.

You sir, are my hero Wink
Avatar credits go to DieMango

I have updated the OP with version 2.7 of the AI. It now supports propulsion balancing for forward thrust, which helps to compensate for battle damage and may help to compensate for a poorly-placed center of mass.

Update for version 2.71: Added "UseSpinners" option to turn on/off use of helicopter blades to control altitude.

once i start making aircraft for my carrier. ill definitely be using this.

one question. would this be able to handle a carrier launched drone or aircraft?

Currently, the there is no API call that can detect the use of tractor beams, so the engines won't turn off if you rely on them. Hopefully Nick implements that functionality some time soon.

I think we just need limited use of global parameters to allow lua vessels to communicate with eachother, instead of only local patameters. That way you can coordinate multiple vessels.
Avatar credits go to DieMango

Great work, am using this for the newest Airship (not for official campaign, a personal one).

I just want to say as a programmer that I love you for your variable labels!

Working better than the default AI in most ways for me.

On the negative side, my plane has just crashed into a mountain 3 times in a row. AI didn't try to do anything.

It also doesn't seem to go for the second attack run, but instead chooses to fly away upside down.
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working way better than aerial AI for chopters. it made the conversion of my cruiser into a fully working chopter a breze!

[Image: PC5Wy33.png]

of course the spin block of the antenna now turns like crazy, will need to move it to another ship

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