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Mission 4: Name Pending

All names are subject to change because I am uncreative.

Defend the Fitzgerald

Standard FOW
No Heartstones
Warping Enbled
Players have avatars
No blueprint spawning
No designer options
No saving/loading

RP Limit: 3616539 (Subject to change)


Edmund Fitzgerald, manual control(Unchangeable)
Benson Class(Changeable)
Gannus Class(Changeable)

Head on Collision special fleet, spawns after 10 seconds
Wrecking ball special fleet, spawns after 120 seconds
1 Valkyrie, spawns after 180 seconds

Win: Make it to a marker without the Fitz sinking(It always sinks at about the same percentage)
Lose: The Fitz sinks.

Should be played in a massive storm, when/if that ability is added.
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