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Faction design difficulty categorisation

In order to allow the new difficulty setting slider to apply to vehicles, we will need to have every vehicle get a designated difficulty level assigned.

This should be a Nr 1. priority, so new players coming in can set it to easy and have a easier time without using the damage modifiers.

how does it work
Basically, designs that are of a higher or lower difficulty then the difficulty setting have a much smaller, and sometimes impossible chance to spawn. Nick will elaborate on this at some point I think.

Every ship will need a category of:
- Easy
- Medium
- Hard
- Extreme

Ill leave discussion about what ship should be how hard to you, but easy should be easy for new players, medium easy for advanced players, etc etc.

Once that is done, we can make an inventory of which difficulty need designs again, and open up the forums for submissions.
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Faction design difficulty categorisation - by samlow - 2015-08-02, 06:42 PM

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