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So if you capture the sea terror.... it's head (neck) is held in a new 'monster harness block' and when you spawn that vehicle it spawns in with a sea terror held by the neck. You can then redesign your vehicle so that it is a harness for the sea terror and you can fly around on it's back all day long.

Is that what you want?

Making a vehicle on the back of a monster does sound pretty fun- anything else worth doing with monsters?
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Nick i just wanted a pet monster but if you even are going to make it rideable then that is even more awsome Big Grin

'Real men don't kill monsters, they ride them' -random qoute i found somewhere in 2013

Euhmm make a 'genetic manipulation' science block. you would be able to recontruct and improve any sea monster you have captured for a high energy and recource cost. That way you could make an seamonster that has red eyes and a blue skin while beieng around 5 times stronger then a normal seamonster. while you are riding it XD
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Riding sea monster *_*
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I have couple thoughts here.
I like all above tho.

If building a vehicle on the monster, size of the vehicle/turrets will reduce monsters mobility.
So, if heavier stuff attached to the monster, less jumpy it will be.
Fatigue aspect of the monster, could be good a solution also, to prevent, from building to much on monsters.

Other thought is, if monster to catch, train, ride would be much smaller, while big one would be only as for boss, non-tameable.
Also for big one, the fleet would be required to defeat it. Lot of resources (and xp?) for that of course, as the reward.
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Reminds me of that famous picture showing a T-Rex, equipped with laser-guns and howitzers, ridden by some 3rd Reich Soldier o0

Sounds absolutely hilarious, I already imagine those creatures, equipped with turrets and jet boosters and a little robot sitting on it's back. Totally surrealistic mount'n'sword colosseum fights, woohoo Big Grin

Would be a really nice option, hehe.
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is it just me or does the second monster not work?
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There is no reason in being a adult if you can't be childish -Nerdcubed

Necro! for i want to hunt sea monsters with 50cm guns!
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This is a level of necromancy I've not seen in a long time....
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I think monsters were removed a long time ago.

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