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How famous are you? - The Game!

Me: Yes ladies, gentlemen and everything inbetween, its the famed KSP forum game! "How Famous Are You?"

You: Vat is dat?

Me: Ill tell you! Whatever you are...... Anyway, its quite simple! You just check whoever posted before you, and grade from 0/10 - Never saw you before to 10/10 - The legend of the forum- how well you know the person.

Ofcource, you have to explain the grade! Lemme give you a example


NewGuy: 5/10 I've seen you before!

Nick: 0/10, never seen you. Welcome to the forums!

OtherGuy: 10/10, who doesnt know you!

ect ect.....
[Image: BseTIqf.png?1]

7/10 i know you quite some time Big Grin

(this is going to be fun)
There is no reason in being a adult if you can't be childish -Nerdcubed

10/10 You sir, are part of FtD Smile
Pursue happyness with diligence

errrr i see you guys posting so much stuff your are probably all a 9/10.

10/10 would go to khaz since he is the first person of this forum i remembered by name. (yup even before the dev)
We are things that labor under illusion of having a self, an accretion of sensory, experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody.

0/10, i c-c-can't remember seeing you anywhere
Scratch that, i remember your signature, a 4/10 maybe?

2/10 i know your name from somwhere
That makes my brain ache, do it again


5/10 A few nice design submissions and one of the few people that answered the call for more Onyx Watch sailing ships Smile

10/10 Master of the OW ^^
[Image: re3xyyS.gif]


Honestly, everytime I get a notification for a new thread its made by either you or Hoyer.
[Image: BseTIqf.png?1]

Ah yes, the one who did support me for AACB project (pending for approval for further work).
Your logo has stuck in my mind Wink
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