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“In fairness, Talon, it isn’t a much better reason than my own for coming along.” Talib says, “But I’m doing it all the same. Atleast Ben here has tanks to defend himself.”

Talib sighs, still somewhat worn out from the previous week’s events. “But we can argue this point in circles all day. I’d really rather get inside someplace away from the sun than stand around and do so. Ben, you have to have some place for guests around here, I hope?”


An orangish-purple color flits through Lily’s hair, and she looks thoughtful. “We are going in circles, j-just a bit.” No point in mentioning anything about why I’m here. “I somehow doubt that he’s going to l-listen to you, Talon.”

(tmarks, we are inside. The party is inside a warehouse currently.)
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Into the band Sabaton. Extremely so.

"Well I'd say it's, again, better than having all these tanks and no good targets to shoot at! And from what you say these things seem like proper dickheads! Wouldn't you want to get back at them? In fact, it seems the reason you're getting a tank is something to do with them."

He pauses.

"Although living would be preferable. But I doubt you would be in any trouble unless they got inside the tank."

He pauses again.

"Which I guess is another reason I should come along! Risk of vampire getting into your tank? I get them! If a vampire wants to shank you up, I gun them down. And vise-versa with you watching my arse... or hatch I guess."

(I don't know what to say in response to tmarks here (what Zerneas said).)
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Yay. I'm happy.

Blueprint thread: "Entity too large"

You know, I still remember when wheels and tanks didn't exist in this game XD

such simpler time.

I also remember when Nick changed the physics again for the nth time and all my ships broke again.

I'm kinda glad I put this game behind me, seems it got overly complex over the years after I left.
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