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Haha! Git gud!

*Talib seems intimidated by the figure, but there is someone else who he is far more afraid of. His voice is mostly firm while he speaks. “Unfortunately I can not help you with that task. Since you refuse to step asides, prepare to die!”
Talib takes a step back from the figure. With one hand he begins to unsling the gun across his back, with the other he begins to signal for the two riders to charge. He is abruptly cut off by the cold sound of Idris’ voice.
“It would appear we have a misunderstanding here. This town is owned by us, the New World Syndicate. They have broken our laws and refused to pay taxes. As such, we have come to enforce them. I am not a vermin, but the lawful owner of this land. Now step aside and be greatful I don’t execute you on the spot”
Sometime during his speech, Idris drew a serrated knife from beneath his heavy garments. He plays with it almost absentmindedly while speaking. The incredibly well kept blade shines slightly red in the moonlight. The slight discoloration is the only noticeable defect in it.

The two riders to either side of the figure start and then abruptly stop as Idris interrupts the lieutenant. The lieutenant himself looks as if he was about to die from fear. Sweat is managing to soak it’s way through his head garments.

"I do like this little word game, but I was hired to do a job, so lets get down to business. You ain't the legitimate government of spaghetti, you're a bloodthirsty lowlife who rolled in here and started taking things that don't belong to you. And I'm the bloodthirsty lowlife that's been hired to put your head on a platter. We're not that different, you and I, only I'm smarter, better with a gun, carry a real blade instead of a toothpick...... oh, and you can't see it, but I'm better looking too. Now, as for executing me... Two idiots and a coward aren't going to do it, but if you're dead set on it...."

He shifts his duster out of the way slightly and rests his hands lightly on the grips of the revolvers slung low from his belt.

"Then go ahead. Give it a try. What have you got to lose?"
A great nation is not a nation that rules the world. A great nation is a nation that realizes they don't have to.

i liEk mEms

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