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[SS] "Sacrilego" AOE fleet oiler^^

Based off 'some' vehicle, although the hull is still the same from the mini-megafreighter/tanker with some changes and additions to the superstructures. The bridge is now at the bow, the stern structure contains more space for the elevated need of crewmen, carrying hoses, steering the cranes, scrubbing the deck,...

Comes with 4 screws instead of only one and two rudders.

Slightly uparmored and even armed with two 4x3 IR missile launchers, for miniscule active defensive capabilities.
It has even a LAMS, quite powerful and long ranging, although not very optimally placed.

As tempting it was to place some shields and hook some ACBs to them, so they get raised as soon as the ship has a bloody nose, I restrained myself from doing it Big Grin

Contains the full package of resources, lots of fuel (464k) and ammo (14k) under deck, spareribs (2.65M) on deck,...
It has as well a few more resource pumps, for the case it should really have to resupply anything on the go, while ordinance is flying around^^

Alone, it fends well against the 'earlier' DWG vehicles.

[Image: 9YwSxmal.jpg]
[Image: aWlxIUWl.jpg]
[Image: Di9iSefl.jpg]

Big Grin

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