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Simple Request-o-matic

material painter would great in FTD
[Image: vtq7gam.gif]
primum non nocere
new tournament:
★★★ Sea Encounters - Battleships! ★★★

IMO best way to do a painter would be like in Starmade; say, you can specify a box like with prefabs; so you chose an x/x/x box and everything inside that selection will be colored with your color.

Even better, I'd also want such a box selection as a removal tool. Eg removing engines part by part is incredibly tedious, and being able to delete a whole box would be much better.

Wouldn't expect any big additions right now, though. The current update in the works is pretty massive and probably taking up all the time they got.

maybe some physics on the water that actually has the power to capsize ships and damage there hull if its a flimsy design and just improve the water physics overall

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