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Simple Request-o-matic

Introducing a new system to get things done...

I spend 1 hour a night working through, in order of posting, suggestions made in this thread. Suggestions in this thread that will take considerably more than 1 hour I will ignore completely (those belong in the normal suggestions forum). ( suggestions that I don't like I will also ignore).

It's for simple suggestions only, such as:
Allow ACBs to turn shields off
Improve this particular GUI so that the text doesn't fall off the side of the GUI
Add a missile warhead arm time to the launchpad
Increase aerial AI max height
AI card to control shields

Each person should have no more than one suggestion per each page of the list at a time, no spamming. One suggestion per post.

Every night I will go through and edit the posts to say whether or not I'm doing it and, if so, how long it took.

The aim is to tidy up the rough edges of the game over the course of a month or so and add in lots of little, quick wins, that people have been waiting for for a while.

I don't want to see people arguing here about whether suggestions are good or not.. I'll decide... posts should be suggestions only.

This doesn't replace the standard suggestion mechanism but hopefully this will be a bit of fun and allow simple requests to be fast tracked whilst adding a bit of interest to my day Smile
Reviewed FtD on steam yet? It's the #1 thing you can do to help FtD (and future games by Brilliant Skies!), so please take the time!
Bug tracker - view, "upvote", comment on and add all bugs here.
Request tracker - request new features here
support - private portal to service desk

-Lock the camera when a menu is opened, but unlock it when the CTRL button is pressed.

Which menu? Which camera? E already locks the rotation of the orbit camera when a GUI is up.
[Image: BseTIqf.png?1]

Friction option for spin blocks. It would allow gyrocopters and a few other nice things.

What do you mean? Spin blocks already exert an equal and opposite torque on the hull?

Currently spin blocks can't be made to turn by an outside force without spinning what they are attached to. Add a friction option so that if something pushes on the assembly the spin block will have give to it rather than staying locked to whatever motion is was going through.

Sloped glass blocks.

Not a quick piece of work I'm afraid
[Referring to drumstick engines] "majyst:The Rapier? WTF, cant Teamspeak people just build a dam ship without trying to cheat the system"
I've made some forum themes.

Spread shot....for cannons...i dont know...i like this...

Post this in suggestions, it's not a quick fix.. and I have no idea what you're talking about
[Image: re3xyyS.gif]

Increased horizontal propulsion from propellers, so we can build proper propeller airplanes, without tricks like jets on the back.

I'll need to think about whether this is cheating or not....
Steam Workshop
[Image: KofGHX]

Modding Whorkshop : Wheels On Crack : Testing Suspension

4 way mirror mode in build and prefabs get mirrored when placed with mirror mode active.

One suggestion at a time.. I'll take your second one for tonight- your first one is days of work.

15 minutes down, 45 to go! (note that I did sub object placement mirroring not prefab mirroring- whoops). You'll need to post another suggestion for prefab mirroring as I really don't fancy it right now.

[Image: ea0a9cbc13.jpg]

Ack, sorry, missed the one post per page thing. I'd say the most useful and easiest to implement suggestion I have would be:

-Activate if speed above/below X trigger for ACBs

10 minutes down- 35 to go!
[Image: ab701b4fb8.jpg]
[Image: sbDvFJ7.png]

ACB: Proximity detector.

Activate if any [enemy/friendly/neutral/noone] entity is within XXXX meters range.

One request only so done ENEMY vehicles (based on what ALL mainframes have in their target lists)
12 minutes down so 23 to go

[Image: 3971ec7fd5.jpg]
Pursue happyness with diligence

And apparently that suggestion got Ninjad...

Set desired altitude to X for ACB's.

As in.. set the desired altitude in aerial AI cards?... re post the suggestion with some clarification please!

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