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Beginners Guide + FAQ (work in progress)

In build mode Mouse Scroll Wheel / Track Pad Scrolling should zoom you in/out from the block you are about to place, don't see it in the guide

The sword that smites evil.

About the slow updates:

I have a lot to do at work so I can barely visit the forum long enough to do the normal moderator work (which luckely isn´t a lot).

So I want tp let you know that I probably won´t have the time to update this Guide for a while (Heck I haven´t even played the recent versions yet).

I want to ask: With the wiki page progressing, is this guide even necessary anymore? And if yes, anyone willing to take it over?
The sword that smites evil.

I have been thinking about this topic recently.
Since wiki is up, I do not see reason for this subject, to be continued. I think it can be closed now.
I spent a bit less time of FTD recently. Got few priorities.
But I am active Wink

So yes SangerZonvolt, don't worry about this subject.
Now is matter of putting stuff on wiki.
I will write some more, but I need also more time Wink
Steam Workshop
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Modding Whorkshop : Wheels On Crack : Testing Suspension

I don't think this thread should be closed, because it's fast and clear information that you don't usually want to search through a whole wiki Big Grin
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Tchou: I said ship!

You could make my first post a seperate site on the wiki and just copy it there, then replace the first post with a link. Then everyone could add to it inthe wiki until it´s completed. Alternatively I´ll wait till the game is a bit more developed and I have more time and complete it then.
The sword that smites evil.

SangerZonvolt, no bad thought about putting on wiki. Yet, there is always the case of changing stuff over pre-alpha versions. So changes may be very active.
Steam Workshop
[Image: KofGHX]

Modding Whorkshop : Wheels On Crack : Testing Suspension

I'm adding this to the wiki now, as well as a guides section.
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Constuctable button has be renamed no to by the way....also, NECRO Smile

i have a good question,, maybe? who is easyest after DWGHuh
Im back ;D

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