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[LH] Laser Jet Bomber "Incinerator"

Had this for awhile and forgot to submit it.

130 speed at 50% power.
6 decent lasers.
Durable design.

Has one issue while banking. Sometimes it'll sheer some of it's wing off on a mountain, however it'll keep flying.

[Image: 30FA8F063AF73F57DFF77D73ECD48FA7731CE82F]

[Image: 8D478C8C86E3F7197CD0338858BA476ECD39F0CB]

Cockpit by Sagethe13th. He hates my thick tailplanes so go ahead and change them if they make your eyes bleed.

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[LH] Laser Jet Bomber "Incinerator" - by Ryashon - 2015-03-06, 09:10 PM

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