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Terrus Asunder (v0.8.84 is released!)

(2018-05-11, 12:27 PM)Normal69 Wrote: Also if you in need of units, look into my strange questions thread, my Neter playthru units are all uploaded tere, if some catches your fancy.

Ah, sadly thats not how it goes, vehicles are supposed to be made for a campaign, not picked from random user generated content that has no factional aesthetics.

It generally leads to crappy, out of the world vehicles.

Don't worry about detection yet Normal69, if that ever changes I will make sure it's done so some time ahead.

Most new designs that I'd be seeking for now are really oddball and specific, except redesigns of some craft in the Bounties thread.
Terrus Asunder, my custom campaign

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So I believe things are in preparation for the next update aside from some more minor updates that need to be done first along with some more spawn stick shenanigans for the boss craft since the altitude bug has yet to be fixed. I thought I made this post before but I guess the forums ate it or I forgot to actually post it.

Notes are subject to change.

Map Changes:

- Terrus as a whole has gone through several map adjustments thanks to the devtest update. Weather patterns have been adjusted, some terrain has been worked with (mainly reducing above-ground terrain.)
- A small volcanic area has arisen in the Valiant Hydras territory that surrounds the Infernus HQ.
- Some territory for Vehement Seekers, Tsunami Genesis, Ionic Revolution, Dark Angels, and Valiant Hydras have been shifted slightly. This will allow more reach to certain factions without having to declare war.
- Tsunami Genesis HQ has been moved to a more centralized location. It was possible to defeat the Dark Angels, declare war on Tsunami Genesis, and destroy their HQ just one tile out of Dark Angels territory.
- Most areas of Terrus will no longer be blinding during the daytime. Ambient lighting has been reduced at its highest and slightly increased at its lowest. There is also more of a night cycle compared to previously.
- Physics of Terrus are now equivalent to Neter with the exception of detection and material density; detection still isn't required and material density is now 2000 (originally 5000 for Terrus in the past, and for comparison, Neter is 500.) This requires some designs to be a little more proactive as carriers but not as restrictive as Neter.
- The special fleet spawning bug is FINALLY fixed (in devtest 2.2.19) so boss craft that require them to be in the air now function properly without needing me to use a spawn stick. The nightmare is over!

Design Changes: (Special Note: I've been using Prototech Tools and its Toolbox to help me identify and fix errors. This should not impact vanilla gameplay but if you see a random wooden block in some craft, this is why.)

- All designs are now regular difficulty. Since the volume of designs is low, this is superior to enjoy Terrus at its best! (You can also play on Godly to get a "free" amplifier to experience gain!) Designs that were easy have a slight FP decrease and expert have a slight FP increase for the most part. A lot of other designs have received minor FP changes but major ones will also be listed.

- A whole bunch of craft have received minor tuneups but I will list the more major ones down below.

- Starting HQ Haven now has two frontal gun turrets to help defend against any early attacks. They can be scrapped for additional resources, so long as you don't scrap Haven itself. There's been a few other modifications including the armoring of the AI mainframe and a small ammo storage.

- Vehement Seekers have received a general FP decrease throughout most designs. This increases the odds to see some larger designs.

- Hateblast has been remade completely. It still has its singular cannon mindset but with a much better hull. FP is now 15.

- Castle Factory has been completely remade. It is now larger and stronger than its old rendition. It definitely serves as a "miniboss" of sorts! Heavy cannons can make quick work of this unshielded fortress, however, so bring the heavy weapons!

- Vehement Seekers Fervor has been remade completely. It now serves a slot similar to the Cogenta in size but its role is more long-range. FP is now 32.

- Tsunami Genesis Rogue FP increased to 8 from 5. This is after realizing just how strong these little things can be!

- Ionic Revolution Raze has undergone a large upgrade, featuring a triple-barrel CRAM cannon and improved flak cannons over its old versions. FP unchanged.

 - New Ionic Revolution submarine, the X.V.I. Abolition, has been added. This submarine is a tough adversary as it's equipped with supercavitational cannons, massive barrage of torpedoes, and is well-defended with LAMS. 35FP

- Ionic Revolution's boss craft Ania has gone through a complete rebuild. While it has lost its "omnicraft" capabilities that it was originally renown for from the Radiance, it has gained a much stronger hull and can better utilize its "Worldbreaker" cannons. There are a lot of various controls in it to make its speed vary depending on the situation. It is also the largest craft on Terrus but not necessarily the strongest. Since it's a boss craft, there are no fleet points or difficulties to change.

-Dark Angels Lightspear has been redesigned using an old submission sent to me, but I can't remember who sent it. It's a lighter attack plane that uses some heavy shells and contains a bomb payload too. Its FP has been unchanged since it's now a poor fighter jet. (That and...I kinda forgot to change it.)

- New Valiant Hydras Arcana design, the Incantation, has been added. This lumbering thrustercraft is decked with cannons and an adapting AI based on damage done to it. While it will do attack runs to bombard foes with its main cannon, should that cannon get destroyed, it will resort to broadsiding with its massive cannon arsenal. 45FP.

- Several Valiant Hydras Voltronic ships have received further revision to fit faction standards. Lasercraft are also using a pivoting turret for laser combiners for a stronger presence.

- Boltarc has been redesigned into an RTG-sustained laser ship that serves as a middleman between the Glint and the Skyshock. While it's not too powerful, the fact that it's fully self-sustained can make it a preferred player target to capture. 35FP. It is a rare design.

- Valiant Hydras Firehawk has been redesigned. It's no longer a drone producer and is a bulkier attack plane. FP is now 22.

- Repair bots from most craft have been drastically reduced since the repair bot AI now works much faster. This has caused some designs to basically be invincible if not killed from a burst strike or overwhelming firepower. This is a necessary and probably a highly-appreciated adjustment.

- Most shields will now have a low alpha if designed to be nearly invisible. This allows them to be hidden from view but still have some visibility when seen up close

- Lore revised for some designs.
Terrus Asunder, my custom campaign

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The post above has been updated with more information regarding the next change. I don't have an exact ETA yet because there are a few designs that need changes or remade to properly function with the new wave system.I would hope I can get it out sometime next week for the devtest branch.
Terrus Asunder, my custom campaign

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Alright people, it's finally here! Terrus and its designs have been updated. Consult this post for details!

Terrus 8.84 has been released: A Nightmare Eternally Purged
Terrus 8.84 designs

Why a nightmare eternally purged? The spawn bug was finally fixed.

Note: The Ionic Revolution Ravager's shield was missed and has not been colored. I'll add its bp separately here and you can overwrite the current Ravager with this one instead.

What's next?: The missile overhaul is coming up fast and I'll have to be reworking designs yet again for when that comes out. Aside from that, other stuff such as critical designs like fortresses will hopefully be in the works!

Attached Files
.blueprint   Ravager.blueprint (Size: 126.8 KB / Downloads: 10)
Terrus Asunder, my custom campaign

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