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Poll: WOMD
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Nuclear bombs (da classic, massive devastation, devastating fallout)
5 11.90%
Neutron bombs ( like nuke, but without nature devastation, anhilate organics)
4 9.52%
ION cannon ( special orbital laser, that will charge up and shoot it with lighting speed, causing great devastation and meltage of cities)
5 11.90%
Weather control ( allow you to throw tornados at enemies !)
4 9.52%
Tectonic drill (allow moving with tectonics desks, this thing allow you to create vulacnoes, tsunamis or earthquakes)
1 2.38%
Thermobaric weaponry (similar to nuke, but without radiation, more fiery)
9 21.43%
Vacuum rockets ( a massive rocket that will hit large area, reducing pressure to looks like in space, that mean any organics will be instantly destroyed, wood will suffer too, maybe)
4 9.52%
Nano robot swarm ( a swarm of micro robots that will "viscerate" entire armies and cities, they will recycle them)
3 7.14%
Solar burst (a laser that will shoot on special sattelite that will refflect to another one, with each charge, it will be more hot, then final one will strike it back on Neter, melting fleets or fortress alike !)
5 11.90%
Temperature control system (this one is nasty, you see a fleet of nuc subs coming toward you, you change sea temperature to - 700 celsius, they are STUCK as hell)
2 4.76%
Total 42 vote(s) 100%
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Weapons of mass destruction (voting)

Here, we will chose weapons of mass destrucion, which one will have priority to be added ?

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