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Is My Computer Supposed to Emit Smoke? -- Draco Dreadnought

I do actually have a real issue with this build, and I've had it with others: For some reason, A.I. Channel 0 appears to be bugged or some-such something something... The Transmitters shut down automatically when set to Channel 0, and the Receivers never receive anything from them... Have tried activating one, activating the other, trying different combinations... No dice. Would be nice to get the division of labor right eventually or to figure out why this tends to happen when I use 0... Doesn't happen for 1-4.


Basic Details:
* Cost: 2,259,186 Material
* Mass: 6,534,436T
* 367m Length/37m Width/52m Height
* Block Count: 48,105

Offensive Systems:

Main Guns -- A.I. Channel 1
* 500mm Advanced Rail Turret x4 -- 4 Firing pieces, 8RPM, 20kW/shot, 4m Shell, HEAT and Disruptor Rounds with Ejection
* 100mm Advanced Turret x2 -- 2 Firing pieces, 470RPM each, 1m Sabot Rounds with Tracers
* 20kW PAC x4 -- Piercing Damage, Single returning arm, Minimal Overclocking

Missiles -- A.I. Channel 2
* Forward Batteries x2 -- Medium Frag and Thumper Missiles, 1.35s firing interval with continuous fire, Remote Guidance
*Aft Batteries x2 -- Large Explosive and Thumper Missiles, 5s firing interval with continuous fire, Remote Guidance

Torpedoes -- A.I. Channel 3
* Flat-Launch Tubes x3 -- Medium Explosive and EMP Torpedoes, salvos of 12 Torpedoes each, Sonar Guided with Signal Processing and Safeties

AA Weapons -- A.I. Channel 4
*20kW PAC x4 -- EMP Damage, three arms with U-Turn, Minimal Overclocking on Elevation Turret
* Octuple 40mm AA Guns x16
* 3.7mm AA Gun (Armored) x6 -- Fires Flak Rounds

Firepower Stats: 733 Total, 264 Missile, 308 APS, 104 PAC, 57 Simple Cannon

Defensive Systems:
*3m all-metal outer hull
* ~28 internal buoyancy compartments separated by 1m alloy
*All internal components individually armored in 1m heavy-armor and applique panels
*A.I. has additional 1m layer of stone armor with surge protectors throughout the structure
*Medium Radar Decoy Buoys x4
*Medium Sonar Decoy Buoys x4
*Medium Torpedo Interceptors x19
*Small Missile Interceptors x192
*Moderate LAM System
*Extensive Smoke Deployment
*Triple Layer Shielding (reflect/dissipate/reflect) NOT YET IMPLEMENTED
*12 Repair Bots
*Redundant Detection
*Two A.I Cores per channel for a total of 10 independent cores (two armored locations)
*Ammo is coated in heavy-armor and applique panels and kept at least 2m away from other sensitive components
*Sensor Scrambler ECM x2 set to MAX power (20kW)

Additional Stats:
*24 Repair Tentacles
*Steam Engine for Propulsion -- Cruising Speed: 21m/s
*Fuel Engines provide 170,000 BHP at max power, operating at 50PPF -- Steam provides roughly an additional 200,000 BHP

Obvious Flaws:
*Is my computer smoking? I think it's smoking. Is it supposed to do that?
*Being 1/3km in length, it turns like a wet sea-cucumber...
*For something this big and expensive... Maybe you want to go with stupid-big guns and not just excessively big?
*Steam propulsion is not as well armored as the rest of the ship, and propellers are fairly easy targets.
*Ammunition is not quite perfectly optimized
*Shields not yet implemented


Link to Blueprint:
“Immature artists imitate. Mature artists steal.”—Lionel Trilling

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