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Kirov Airship [Help Needed]

Kirov Airship
[Image: Kirov.png]



Support Equipment:
50 Repair Tentacles (Approx)
4 Blueprint Spawners

216k Materials
720k Fuel

1 3x3 RTG
2 electric engines

239k Materials

An lightly armored fast airship built to throw ICBMs at targets from behind friendly lines and enough speed to outfly anything that tries to attack it. Has multiple compartments to prevent crashes when one compartment is breached and atleast 10 repair drones per compartment for repairs.

1. Initial builds had the ship reaching speeds of 100 m/s at full power but after moving the AI into a safer area the thrusters at its side no longer work.

2. Ship also has a mind of its own and dislikes to follow commands.
- Here it is not moving and instead doing seesaws when given a waypoint.
[Image: Seesaw.png]

- After some modification, the AI suddenly had aspirations to become an astronaut after being ordered to fight.
[Image: SPAAAAACE.png] 

- Though this only happens rarely. The AI has the tendency to suddenly want to engage in hand to hand combat. Suddenly flying over its targets despite having its engagement range to 3000 or sometimes ramming straight into enemies.

3. Ugly as sin.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Kirov.blueprint (Size: 187.47 KB / Downloads: 10)

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