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Dear Community A Question about Lua and Spin blocks

First of I know that there are a lot of Awesome Lua programers on here that make our ships do everything from hovering in place while avoiding cram shells or shooting missile strikes that could dodge incoming fire and the like.  

My Question is a little bit different then that though and something that isn't covered a lot by people as far as i have seen (or else it's buried by miles of old posts i guess). I want to learn how to control the spin blocks on my craft with Lua.

As in I got a ship and then a enemy comes into range and spin blocks/pistons 1 through 20 (for example) activate and transform my ship into a robot of sorts .. 
think Macross stye transformation. 
building the super structure is not a problem for me but what i want to learn is it's Lua "brains".

Could you help me with this pretty please.. oh and i don't wan't a "here is your brain just copy and paste" I want to Learn Lua for this game so explaining how to "twist and turn" spin block based arms for example in Lua based on enemy range would be good enough and i am happy to report that i do know some programming.. Just not Lua .

Thanks in advance guys.

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Dear Community A Question about Lua and Spin blocks - by ShadowFox79 - 2020-07-24, 09:56 PM

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