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Artemisia-class Battleship

-- Artemisia-class Battleship --

[Image: 001.jpg]

[Image: 002.jpg]

[Image: 003.jpg]

[Image: 004.jpg]

[Image: 005.jpg]

Project-23 prototype version, further refinements and adjustments may follow.


2.4 million materials


U/J - Drive
H/K - Steering


4x Triple 500mm railgun turrets
6x 200mm Double-barrel turrets
8x 88mm Six-barrel AA/CIWS turrets (primary AA role)
8x 50mm Six-barrel CIWS/AA turrets (primary CIWS role)
12x Large 10m missiles
8x Medium 6m AA missiles
4x Small SAM turrets
8x Medium 8m torpedoes


Lv. 10 Shields
4x Small missile interceptor turrets
2x Small torpedo interceptor turrets
14x Smoke dispensers


A large battleship with a decent array of offensive and defensive weaponry. She was built with an unorthodox hull for added buoyancy, providing extra protection below the waterline and allowing the ship to carry more weight whilst keeping draught and freeboard reasonable. She is as expensive to build as she is to run and maintain, generating vast amounts of electricity to power her 500mm railguns.

Running power is provided by RTG-powered electric engines. With hybrid mode on, fuel and steam engines will automatically start charging batteries depending on battery power level; below 80% for fuel engines and below 65% for steam engines. Charging will switch back to RTG-only above 85% power. Shields will also automatically activate and deactivate in and out of combat if auto shields is turned on.

Small-scale onboard resource collection, fuel refinement and ammo processing allow for replenishment in the field. Resource collectors deploy when the cargo bay is opened.

Control panels for engine, shield and industry management is located in the CIC and bridge.


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