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What we are currently working on June - July 2020

'He has also reworked that sodding pensive pigeon,'
Well I guess my new large missile mine pensive pidgeon is useless... Oh well, I got my giggle out of the strange way the mines deployed like they had friction with the aircraft before then freefalling at full speed... Thing was trash anyways Big Grin

CJE turbine and pipework were the two things I really wanted to see for CJE's. i want power on my f22 replica, but dont have space for mat storage and steam, or some whacky looking fuel engine occasionally puffing smoke/pouring smoke out the top. these have me excited to get significantly better performance out of my f22.

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RE: What we are currently working on June - July 2020 - by Chaos - 2020-07-04, 09:31 AM

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