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What we are currently working on June - July 2020

What is up Depthians!

It’s probably about time I did another “what’s happening at Brilliant Skies” posts. As you know we released the Strategic AI this month, and we continued ironing out some features and killing off some bugs. 

Abyay has been working hard on revamping the story missions making them more fun, and I think they accompany the tutorials nicely, as the DWG missions are like partial tutorials. Currently, the SS missions are complete and Abyay plans to add a few more DWG missions into the mix. 

He has also reworked that sodding pensive pigeon, to something more fun to use in terms of player-controlled which is the aim of these missions, and that will motivate players to add to it as the aim is to complete these missions preferably player-controlled rather than AI cards. 

[Image: xQ52GlHh.png]

Draba has been working a lot on the backend code for our fuel engines, ironing out some kinks with engine prioritisation, and to be less stressful on some systems. He has also been working on improving the performance of wheels, suspension, and also the backend stuff for the larger wheels.

He has also added a x4 Power scale to our wheels, propellers, and thrusters which you can find by hitting Q on the wheel / prop / thruster.
Increasing the power scale is similar to the motor drive on dediblades, which gives more push yet uses more power.

Weng was busy working on bug fixes, some of which are multiplayer and backend stuff for our wings.

Gladyon has also been working on the backend code for our new wing parts. The new Custom control surfaces will allow us to make wing flaps which can move and generate force for roll, pitch, up/down and yaw after being set up in the Q menu of that sections CCS.

[Image: 0oAerhrh.png]

[Image: XYGvW04.gif]
Nick has been working hard on the AI pathfinding in battles so that we no longer get landships as well as bug fixing and all that good stuff. 
Sean… he is not cool enough to grace this post ;p 

So what is coming up next? I hear you scream. 

Our current and second sprint are listed below unless something gets pushed back or brought forward.
I tried to export the info in a way that it won’t burn out your retinas xD. If you have any questions about a particular card feel free to ask.

[Image: Zm0jAEi.gif]

[Image: ungrwJJh.jpg]

[Image: mkBz2Ydh.jpg]

[Image: 5bMTfhAh.jpg]

[Image: 7LhrdVPh.jpg]

[Image: Y70kyA5h.jpg]
Next sprint is currently looking like this

[Image: G19wnHPh.jpg]

[Image: lkZLnrqh.jpg]

As always we thank you all for your continued support and feedback! 

Join the rest of the community, who are always willing to help, chat, sharing blueprints and all that good stuff.
Check out my Lets play of From The depths >here<
As well as other games Big Grin

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