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2.7.4 Betatest

(2020-07-01, 05:15 AM)Chaos Wrote: I noticed a very strange bug that I cant seem to replicate, where i try to remove some blocks with a quick single click and they wont get removed. i spam click, and nothing happens. however, hold clicking will actually remove them after about a second or so of holding. I have no idea what it could be, but its very limited, and only encountered it I think three times. at least twice it was when removing heliblades/dediblades (was testing side by side, not sure which it was that caused the issue, if not both possibly.)
posting this here rather than a report for now until I have more concrete information. the only thing in the world was a 2x scale replica MH-60S I am working on and its in the early hollow stages still, so it isnt the game being overloaded as far as i can tell, because one time it failed to remove, i went to another block and removed it fine, went back and it still wouldnt remove. hold clicking, again, removed the block after about 0.75-1.25 seconds (didnt time them, though i will next time I encounter it)
Bug reports go here, you would also need to replicate the issue and when you do please include the output log which you get from the main menu > community > "Gather logs" . You could also include the blueprint too.
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