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2.7.3 Betatest (was known as devtest)

Hey Depthians!

We are releasing a new Betatest branch (previously known as Devtest) ; this version will be 2.7.3, which will include the changes and fixes in the change log below. 
Later on we will also have an experimental branch, this branch will be used as a very early testing ground for features / bug fixes before hitting the Betatest branch.

We do know about the issue with the reinforced wood texture, this is because currently there is no triplanar texture for wood and there is no non-triplanar texture for metal. We will resolve this in future.

Thanks for all your support as always, and for all the encouraging and positive comments to the Strategic AI update.  

v2.7.3 [Add] <AI>: [BUGS-2217] Added an empty manoeuvre routine that can be used when you want to replace the AI manoeuvres entirely with a AI breadboard.
v2.7.3 [Add] <AI>: The collision avoidance choice drop down in the adjuster is now fully functional for land/water/air avoidance toggling.
v2.7.3 [Add] <AI>: The waypoints picked by non flagship forces when in fleet move is a bit more sensible, allowing better in formation movement
v2.7.3 [Add] <Game>: Vehicles structures and fortresses now spawn on the terrain surface, never below it (structures already did this).
v2.7.3 [Add] <Mimic>: Added option to disable mimic interaction tooltip outside of build mode
v2.7.3 [Add] <Mimic>: It is now possible to mimic 'objects' like the moving part of a propeller.
v2.7.3 [Add] <Pathfinding>: Steering points from the AI behaviours are now adjusted so they are on land/water (as appropriate based on your Adjuster) to help avoid crashing your ship into land or driving your tank into water
v2.7.3 [Add] <Tutorials>: Added the voice over for the fourth tutorial: 'automating your boat'
v2.7.3 [Change] <APS>: Proxy fuse removed, old proxy fuses converted to inertials on load
v2.7.3 [Change] <Cost>: Ammo processor material cost from 50 to 300
v2.7.3 [Change] <Durability>: 2 axis turret and elevation only turret health increased from 500 to 800, armor from 25 to 35
v2.7.3 [Change] <Durability>: Armor of 1 axis turret variants increased from 15 to 35
v2.7.3 [Fix] <AI>: [BUGS-2115] Aerial collision avoidance changed so a docker will ignore it's dockees
v2.7.3 [Fix] <Blocks>: Reinforced wood no longer uses an extra submesh for the metal part and as such is far less computationally demanding when used extensively.
v2.7.3 [Fix] <Constructs>: [BUGS-827] Construct dimensions now decrease after removing blocks
v2.7.3 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-2289] material cost shown in the V menu now does not include the contents of the blocks, just the blocks themselves.
v2.7.3 [Fix] <Game>: Fixed some issues with operation of steam turbine out of play
v2.7.3 [Fix] <Linux>: [BUGS-2273] Linux issues with prefabs and the inventory now fixed
v2.7.3 [Fix] <Structures>: [BUGS-2248] fixed issues loading dead structures into campaign
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As well as other games Big Grin

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