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Resource caps, how they work, how they change

I dont know if this is a bug, or I'm just not understanding correctly. so i'll put it here first.

The new resource cap system is confusing me. i started a new game, and here is what the global economy looked like.

[Image: c1MUFb7.jpg]

So, starting with a cap of 100M, and a planet value of 100M

So, for about 2 hours i played, not doing too much, and as stuff was getting destroyed, it was being replenished into the resource zones. the cap was staying the same, and the planet value was just below the cap.

[Image: XEkrCfu.jpg]

But then, after saving and reloading the next day and playing for a few more hours, i noticed that i captured an empty resource zone from the DWG, and it wasn't replenishing at all. i looked at the global economy again and saw this.

[Image: 7OKehKi.jpg]

The resource cap has crashed to 34M, so with a planet value of 92M, nothing will be replenished into resource zones.

Is the cap supposed to change like this? will it change back? what decides it? or is this just an error. with 92M world value and only 34M cap, it will be a long time before anything replenishes, so soon no resource zones will be producing anything, the AI wont produce any new ships, and it will all be extremely weird.

Note that i started this as a SP game, and then loaded it as an MP game to play with a friend for the second session. that 'might' be the cause of it i suppose.

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Resource caps, how they work, how they change - by jsimbo1 - 2020-06-18, 04:08 PM

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