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A-10 Ultra Troubleshoot Request

This is the A-10 Ultra. The Ultra just means its larger than all my other A-10 designs and sports heavier firepower. 

Firepower of this bird is 1x 30mm Gau-8.. 2x Large Bombs.. 2X AGM-65.. and 8x AIM-9B missiles. 

The engines can propel this thing up to 100 m/s. 

I'm having issues making the jet fly properly. it works sometimes but eventually will get too low to the ground. I have no idea what to do along with that i cant get the bombs to work but i'm not worried about that since the jet cant fly. It always gets too low to the ground when on a strafing run, and then it can pull out but when it does it will roll too hard and dip the wing in the water. Also would like the thing to turn faster but that's not an issue. 

Thank you for your time!

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A-10 Ultra Troubleshoot Request - by FateOri - 2020-06-13, 03:46 PM

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