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2.7.2 DevTest

Hey all Smile

We have added a few changes which you can read below. Ofc, we will be adding more and when that happens ill update the in-game news and probably some alert on Steam, for you good people to come to check out the changes here.

We are going to be carrying out some major optimisation work on fuel engines and it may be unstable to begin with and will need testing, Devtest will be available at some point tomorrow Friday 12 

We are also looking into the unique issues to Linux and Mac, as well as the wheel load-bearing issues that you good peeps have been telling us about.

[Image: 7j6u96rl.png]

If anything needs explaining, scream below Smile

Bug reports go here:
Requests / suggestions go here:

v2.7.2 [Change] <Projectiles>: [BUGS-1538] Projectiles now explode at an interpolated position if they are triggered by a fuse
v2.7.2 [Add] <AI>: [BUGS-2217] Added an empty manoeuvre routine that can be used when you want to replace the AI manoeuvres entirely with a AI breadboard.
v2.7.2 [Add] <Game>: Vehicles structures and fortresses now spawn on the terrain surface, never below it (structures already did this).
v2.7.2 [Change] <APS>: Proxy fuse removed, old proxy fuses converted to inertials on load
v2.7.2 [Change] <Cost>: Ammo processor material cost from 50 to 300
v2.7.2 [Change] <Durability>: 2 axis turret and elevation only turret health increased from 500 to 800, armor from 25 to 35
v2.7.2 [Change] <Durability>: Armor of 1 axis turret variants increased from 15 to 35
Check out my Lets play of From The depths >here<
As well as other games Big Grin

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