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v2.7 Engine Platform and Comparisons

The engines used:
These are a compilation of the best engines from the Discord server since the testing for the fuel engines began on v2.6.
The refinery ratio used for comparisons is 14.6 fuel/mat, which is a reasonable coker ROI after 10 hours of game time as shown in the album.

[Image: bzy2PwA.png]

[Image: 7WsRB8l.png]

[Image: rGIT2nJ.png]

[Image: xCgLJ3f.png]

Comparisons Link:

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.blueprint   Scotts Engine Platform Version 4.blueprint (Size: 343.11 KB / Downloads: 12)

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v2.7 Engine Platform and Comparisons - by ScottWright - 2020-06-09, 11:59 PM

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