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Co-Op Campaign settings

Hey, after new the update dropped today, my brother and I dropped into a co-op campaign. He tinkered with some campaign settings under options and set the enemy difficulty to minimal with small growth times. We spent 20-30 minutes building some ships and getting resources, sailed east to go capture some stuff and our first battle ended up againt a 200k Godly Airship against our 3 ships about 25k resources each (And not horribly designed). Obviously this isn't the "easy" mode we had it selected on which leads me to believe that we were editing the wrong place.

So...Does the coop campaign or multiplayer campaign have a place you can modify settings? Because the only one we found was AFTER the game starts and doesn't seem to work properly.  Confused

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Co-Op Campaign settings - by blackarro18 - 2020-06-09, 07:25 AM
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