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is there any guide for making lua?

im trying to make "Manual Altitude Controlled Hovercraft" lua. i know it is not possible that control vehicle's altitude with just two button(like T and G). 

that is why i decided to use "hydrofoil". if i contol hydrofoil with T and G, and the lua make hydrofoil's output to altitude PID's set value, it will be perfect thing.

so i want to know FtDs value(current PID value, hydrofoil's output value...etc)and functions. where can i see it?

+ I searched some Lua scripts, but i couldn't find any codes to affect PID block. so i think..i have to make new PID scripts in Lua block.. it is right?

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is there any guide for making lua? - by khy12ab - 2020-06-02, 01:38 PM

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