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Sea’s on Fire Progress Thread

Got way less done recently than I intended unfortunately. Quarantine in Australia is already easing off and the Premier has decided its safe to turn schools back on for some reason, so I only really got 5 of so weeks, most of which was actually school work because all the school stuff was being done online.
But what I have done is nearly finished a HMS Victory, being the first 1st rate ship in the campaign.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=53781]
I have also figured out a way to do the masts. I encountered a collision problem with the spin blocks and the main-construct, so what I’ve started doing is making a spin block, with a mast made out of glass panes on it. Then attaching the sail spin blocks to the mast in theyre respective locations, and then using another spin block to fill the mast in with the actual mast blocks. Works fine, and looks fine.

Need to rework the older ships with this though, they still have the air block masts that look quite hideous.

I want to make an Oceán class ship for France, so that they have a 1st rate as well. I will need to make that ship eventually anyway, its one of those ships I have on my priority list of ‘Ships that people will notice if they are absent because they are reasonably well known’ but there are a fair few others on that list, such as HMS Speedy or the Temierare Class. Bucentaure or Santisima Trinadad are probably more high priority then Oceán though, even though Oceán would be more fun to build.

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Age of Sail: Seas on Fire, the Napoleonic Wars custom campaign
[Image: 6Vp76mI.png]

[Image: 76561198088023049.png]

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