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Missile Interceptor Overriding Turret LWS

Ok, so full disclosure, it's been a while since I messed with the AMCC and stacked turrets.  I'll start with the ways that I know will work, and then move to the settings you can try playing with.

1. use invisible blocks to build the interceptor turret inside the main turret.  depending on how you have the interceptor mounted you'll probably have to build the invisible blocks on the hull, then build the AMCC and turret base on top of that stack.  This should remove the conflict, but depending on how you had envisioned the turret looking may mess up the aesthetics.

2. use mini-mounts and stick the interceptors either in side sponsons or on the back/front deck if your design supports it

here's the stuff i have more trouble remembering and/or that may have changed with the various patches.  The main issue I happen to remember is that AMCC's still had not been updated to account for turrets on turrets and would lead to some strange interactions.  In particular I remember that what they affected was tied to the 1-block range, they would not automatically control other turrets on a main turret.

1. Depending on where your AMCC is, ensure it is more than 1 block away from the main turret block and any of the main turret weapons.

2. Experiment with setting the priority of the AMCC and the main turret weapons controls. The AMCC should be set to a lower priority.  The missiles should be set to prioritize the AMCC's input.  The main gun should be set to prioritize the main turret controller's input.

3. If you still can't get it working consider submitting a bug report, and ask around on the discord.
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