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Bring back the Tribe of the Iron Wing?

Iron Wing style aircraft might be viable again. I recently made an aircraft in the style of the Iron Wing Tribe, and it was quite powerful, although it was too expensive.
It can kill most OW, and the DWG. It's fast enough to dodge slow missiles, and it's flight pattern means that it's able to dodge large APS shells, sometimes even evading railguns.
The Damselfly, and designs like it would probably be a good addition to the Gray Talons.
The other aircraft vary in strength.

I don't think that the new Tribe of the Iron Iron Wing should replace the Tribe of the Iron Storm, but instead, just be an additional tribe.

PS. Damselfly.blueprint is the most up to date version, but it has repair bots. Damselfly GT.blueprint is an older version, and the Toucan does not have Detection yet

.blueprint   Damselfly.blueprint (Size: 182.49 KB / Downloads: 11)

.blueprint   Damselfly GT.blueprint (Size: 191.46 KB / Downloads: 10)

.blueprint   Colossus.blueprint (Size: 261.97 KB / Downloads: 5)

.blueprint   kite fighter.blueprint (Size: 119.17 KB / Downloads: 7)

.blueprint   Iron Butterfly.blueprint (Size: 222.66 KB / Downloads: 4)

.blueprint   Pelican.blueprint (Size: 159.54 KB / Downloads: 4)

.blueprint   Toucan.blueprint (Size: 255.28 KB / Downloads: 4)

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Bring back the Tribe of the Iron Wing? - by Natalya - 2020-05-11, 12:46 AM

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