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APS Squash Head Success, But Too Bulky

I've returned to this game after about 3 years of being computer-less and I've made my best gun yet. I use either 8 or 10 components, in this order: 3 gunpowder casings, 4-6 he bodies, and a squash head tip. As for the gun itself, I use a 10m long barrel with a bore evacuator at the start and a muzzle brake at the end, with a 3m elevation mantlet. I use 6 barrels at 105mm gauge with enough cooling and recoil absorbtion to minimize loading times. Finally, I have 8 belt fed autoloaders with one clip each that puts my ammo total up to 280 rounds. It shoots somewhere around 14 rounds per second and when I see it hit armor it just shreds. I placed 8 of them on a test fortress of mine and when for some reason my AI failsafe allowed them to shoot at the fortress, they shot through my heavy armor and took off about 10% of my 30000 hp. The only question I have is, is there a way to compact it into a smaller space? I want to armor it, but it takes up about 8 cubic meters and I'm not very skilled at making large crafts, the last time I did, it flipped upside down even with 30 4m lead blocks on the bottom.

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APS Squash Head Success, But Too Bulky - by AaronS678 - 2020-04-08, 06:02 PM

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