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[POC] Shield Domes for v2.6.1.4

(Yesterday, 02:35 PM)Gamer as Wrote: Am I the only one who has a dejavu? I bet somebody will come, copy the mod, bring it to the developer team and ask for the salary in return for implementing the shield dome into the game.
Maybe the time has finally come... Why not take this awesome creation into your hands and use it to light your path into the Brilliant skies?

P.S. COME! Get the weapon into your hands! Go banish the fake god and claim your place among the developers!

This seems a bit overkill Smile 

Draba has been a dedicated part of the community for a long time and I don't envy him. Game development and especially indie requires a lot of... passion and I prefer to keep it as a hobby. Besides that I already have a full-time job as a C#developer since summer (the missile mod was actually brought up during the job interview).

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