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[POC] Shield Domes for v2.6.1.4

Here is a proof of concept for shield domes.

I call it a poc as it has not been balanced and there are still some bugs.
The intention of releasing it in this incomplete state is so that someone else can take over if they wish so and people can experience what it would be like to have this in the game.

The only requirement I have for someone continuing work on it is to give credit to me for this POC, otherwise you can do whatever you want with it.

The mod adds a single block called Advanced Shield Controller under the Advanced Shields in the build menu. The controller is connected to a Multipurpose Laser just like a Laser Combiner, but in contrast to the combiner, each side can connect to a different Multipurpose Laser for a total of 6.
How it works:
  • The max health of the shield is equal to the total current stored power of the connected Multipurpose Lasers.
  • The shield will "store" damage taken (0 armor).
  • When stored damage exceeds its max health it is disabled.
  • When the shield hasn't taken damage for 20 seconds, it will reduce the stored damage by "firing" the connected Multipurpose Lasers.
  • When stored damage is 0, the shield will be re-enabled.
  • The Advanced Shield Controller only works if no other type of shields are on the vehicle.
  • A vehicle was meant to only have one Advanced Shield Controller, but that never got implemented and can currently be abused with onion shields.
  • The shield dome blocks lasers and projectiles, but doesn't affect missiles.
  • Explosions deal full damage to the shield and also deals damage to the vehicle as it normally would when triggered in the air.
Note 1: I am releasing this POC because I don't plan on working further with, so don't expect any support.
Note 2: The AssetBundle for the shields shader is only made for windows, so don't expect it to work for mac or linux.

Folder to put into ...\Documents\From The Depths\Mods
Is build for latest devtest v2.6.1.4
Mod Download

Unity 2017 project for creating AssetBundle
Unity Project for Creating AssetBundle

Unity 2019 project with Shader Forge included. Shader Forge is a GUI editor for creating unity shaders that I used.
Unity Project for Creating Shader

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