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Steam out of play issue and Mainframe index changing.

I'm not sure these are a bugs so I'll ask first.  I finally got stumped and can't find an answer anywhere.

I designed a LUA code to give me a little data about a few things on HUD.  But while that works in vehicle designer, it doesn't work in the Neter campaign mode.  I have multiple mainframes and each time the ship goes into play the mainframe that I want to read changes its index each time. Is it suppose to be doing that?  The mainframe I'm reading has the same index each time I load it into vehicle designer. But changes each time in campaign mode.

I have a massive steam turbine system LUA controlled.  I've been doing a lot of testing and balancing in the vehicle designer.  It won't burn any materials while there is no hostiles.  Every time I bring the ship into play in the campaign or vehicle designer it starts with a full pressure even if it was off before going out of play.  Is that a bug or a feature? I admit it is handy to have full pressure at the start of combat.

In campaign mode when I shift the ship from in play  to out of play the material storage is emptied at least 20k out of 1mil storage.  Also while picking up materials they dissappear with no other ships in supply range as if the steam engine is using materials.  Is the steam engine always consuming materials in out of play even if you have it turned off?  Otherwise I have materials just dissappearing out of storage which is a game breaker for localised resources in the campaign.

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Steam out of play issue and Mainframe index changing. - by Imoshen - 2020-03-06, 02:56 PM

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