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Singularity Retrofit

My quick little retrofit of the internals of the Singularity. Not submitting it for official use as i'm currently not that happy with it TBH. It's a massive improvement over the existing singularity but there's definitely more i could do, the APS rebuild wasn't the best done and it's currently got some fuel engines sitting up front because the power budget has risen so much. Once the current Dev test changes hit live i'll give it another rebuild of the APS and use the massive power cost reductions on shields and laser to trim the the front fuel engines. I might consider submitting that version as a rebuild of the Singularity.

Listing all the changes would take a lot of time but suffice to say just about everything bu the outer hull and the Warp drives has been rebuilt or at least tinkered with at some point. The clubs, dedication signs, and the other player accessible area's are largely unchanged but the actual functional bits have been completely rebuilt to varying degrees. The mixed ammo APS has been swapped for two seperate systems, one firing HESH/HEAT combo shells and the other Disruptor EMP whilst EMP Frag missiles and missile decoys have been added. the laser system power has risen from a little over 19k to 24k. Because i'm not confident yet in m external skills i have made virtually no changes there, it's all in the internals. The internal Subdivision has also been massively improved and the APS has ejectors and Safety Diffusers so it's no longer prone to blowing itself to bits. In the process i fixed all the miss-rotated, (and a few misaligned), components in the aft fuel engines, aft custom jets, and the laser system, (that and the awfully outdated APS wa what made me decide to try to do this, it was setting off my OCD hard).

As an aside i can heartily recommend trying to rebuild existing craft whilst avoiding changing the externals much if at all as a great way to learn how to do things. I learnt a lot doing this.

A screenshot from some combat tests, damage was a result of a Mobula deciding to ram the thing but it shows part of the internals through the battle damage, (though a good chunk of the aft port quarter internals is blasted to bits inside).

[Image: 91C2fEm.jpg]

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Singularity Retrofit - by Carl_Bar - 2020-02-28, 09:43 AM

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