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Battleship Elystra Rail Revision

This is a Rail revision of a Battleship that's been modified for at least a year now, it has a weird tendency to dive under water when it takes damage, repairs itself extremely fast, has redundant steam engines and turbines, moderate armor, a lot of simple AA, 3 main triple barreled 500 mm turrets, mass missile spam, and a lot of manuever propellers. If anyone wants to take a crack at defeating this Monstrosity go ahead

Material cost 1446683
25760 blocks
777002 volume

[Image: HqocdiX.jpg]

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.blueprint   BB_Elystra_Rail.blueprint (Size: 774.7 KB / Downloads: 24)

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Battleship Elystra Rail Revision - by Tattypaleo - 2020-02-27, 12:04 PM

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