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This was already on Steam for a couple weeks and I advertised it on the game's discord, I kinda forgot about the forum, tbh.

Directly copied of the Steam's workshop description:
"This mod was initially intended to be for personal use only but upon request I'll make it public.

This mod is focused on small WW2 gun batteries, mainly small main, secondary and tertiary guns and gun batteries that APS cannot offer in a compact and/or aesthetically pleasing format and complement the already available simple weapons of vanilla FTD with more choices.

The stats of these guns follow the stats of the present Simple weapons to some extent with simple proportional values and interpolations combined with realistic stats given by Navweaps website in order to perhaps not make them either too powerful or too weak for their calliber, though everyone can tweak each gun easily to their liking.

I still have a lot of other WW2 weapons I plan to make for my own ships and I'll keep updating this mod but I'll probably not make anything that has a higher calliber than 180mm. That's a role APS can easily fill"

[Image: f633e7fa845850c95595eea4fb6d3938.jpg]
[Image: Untitled2.png]

[Image: cde439c6ff6813096345574dd7f0fcc7.png]

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