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What we are currently working on #5 Feb 2020

Looks outstanding =)

Didn't see FTD for too long it seems - did mistake pac fire for a texture glitch of some sort ><

About WW1 meatgrind effect:
What if we (player and AI) could evade(some sort of "flee") combat using the same rules to aviod total destruction? or to use hit and run tactics?? Evacuation of crippled vehicles?
Worked at some point in medieval total war (was a very interesting tactic if you had the adequate units<<<<<<< which would be totally interesting to design in FTD)
If done in a too linear way - it will create exactly the same situations over and over (is not better than meatgrind now)

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RE: What we are currently working on #5 Feb 2020 - by Mr.YaR - 2020-02-20, 03:56 PM

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