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T-130-270 MTAFV (AMX 13 Tank Replica Attempt)

[Image: y6eVulu.jpg][Image: RaokZWn.jpg]
[Image: mWC1GaR.jpg][Image: wT6fwYi.jpg]
[Image: GHX5KZh.jpg]

The T-130-270 is a light tank design that I made around October of 2019 that I never got around to releasing for various reasons, the main one being that I lost interest in the game. Hopefully by releasing my unpublished projects, I can get feedback and find new inspiration to continue playing. Modeled around the AMX-13, a French light tank produced from 1952 to 1987, this tank varies greatly from my previous mindset when it comes to building tanks. Compared to the T109, the T-130-270 trades most of the armor for better firepower, maneuverability, and cost-effectiveness. Armed with an 8-round 270mm fragmentation auto-loader, the T-130 excels in fighting minions and other small tanks. It can also be used in numbers to strip heavily armored tanks of external modules and other weak spots such as tracks and detection. It is also significantly more mobile and has a much faster oscillating turret that aims just as fast vertically as it does horizontally, giving it much better AA abilities than my previous tanks. To end the summary, I am going to point out that it is an attempt at a replica, which to me meant looks before performance. Below are the exact stats for the vehicle.


                          Shell Caliber: 270mm
                         Shell Velocity: 444 Meters/Second
                       Shell Accuracy: 0.16
                             Shell Type: Fragmentation (A: 16, D: 2,640 at 60 Degrees)
                  Penetration Ability: 1 4M Metal Beam, 2 4M Stone Beams
                Autoloader Capacity: 8 Shells
                        Unload Speed: 3.4 Seconds/Shell
                            Clip Reload: 27 Seconds

                             Max Speed: 35 Meters/Second (126 Kilometers/Hour) (78.3 Miles/Hour)
                Hull Traverse Speed: 32 Degrees/Second
             Turret Traverse Speed: FAST (Not sure how to measure)

        Frontal Hull Armor Rating: 105-140 
           Max Frontal Hull Health: 15,530
            Side Hull Armor Rating: 15
                     Side Hull Health: 2,100
           Rear Hull Armor Rating: 65
              Max Rear Hull Health: 825

     Frontal Turret Armor Rating: 80
        Max Frontal Turret Health: 1,500
         Side Turret Armor Rating: 15
                   Side Turret Health: 2,100
        Rear Turret Armor Rating: 15
                 Rear Turret Health: 175

                              Detection: 9 Meter Range Finder, 360 Degree Camera
                   Material Capacity: 5,000
                     Ammo Capacity: 800
                        Fuel Capacity: 14,000
                        Engine Power: 600
                        Materials Cost: 14,136
                                 Volume: 980
                                  Height: 7 Meters (9 Meters Occupied)
                                   Width: 11 Meters
                                  Length: 36 Meters

That's it for the post, feel free to leave feedback (It doesn't have to be positive, roast the hell out of my child-like artistic skill)!

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