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Build Guidelines

Let it be noted that as I tinkered with this campaigns physics in the planet editor, I will not accept new submissions until first release. This ruleset is for now rather WIP and I am open for discussion

What ships can I build?
Anything built between 1770 and 1825 is perfectly fine. and if it was in commission during the Napoleonic Wars it is also fine, even if it was built before 1770. 
Basically, if she served she can be in the campaign.

Stay at roughly 1:1 scale, I will allow you to be slightly off but nothing noticeable. 

Other materials such as alloy and metal may be used sparingly. 
No heavy armour under any circumstances.

Colour Scheme:
Try to stick to the colour scheme your ship would have had during the Napoleonic period. It seems like most navies liked white or brown keels, black hulls with gold or ochre stripes. I will open a thread later in the topic of colouring, as its incredibly complex in this period.


Long Guns (Often called Cannon):
9 pounders or below are to be represented by ingame 16pdr Cannon
10-25 pounders are to be represented by ingame 32pdr Cannon
26-35 pounders are to be represented by ingame 64pdr Cannon
Anything larger should be a CRAM cannon, as a 35+ pounder long gun could probably rip through just about anything that was possible during the Napoleonic Period anyway, and 34 pounders are the largest non carronade artillery pieces i'm aware of existing in the period. The British 68 pounders are Crimean War era weapons, so they won't appear in the Napoleonic Period for obvious reasons. So if you find you need something bigger than a 35 pounder, consult me about it. 

For now, Carronades will be ignored. I need to work out how to represent them in game. Same situation with the French obusier de vaisseau, I imagine there where a few of them still kicking around by the Napoleonic period. 

Now for the more esoteric weapons. 

Mortars will be mortar style CRAM cannons, pointed upwards.
Congreves will be missiles with low damage output.

If the ship your building has a ram, one of two things are true, either the ram or the whole ship is a product of fantasy. The only exception being older style gunboat galleys. (Not the frigate galleys) So no rams.

Stick to sails. It would be a bit weird to have a steam or combustion engine powered warship in 1805.

I will at some point formulate a list of designs I need to get made by someone or myself at some point.
Age of Sail: Seas on Fire, the Napoleonic Wars custom campaign
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