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Future of Seas on Fire

So I just started playing From the Depths again after a rather long break (Caused by school largely, I believe I was in year ten at the time) and as a result, Seas on Fire's development was halted due to the fact that I was, lets face it, the only one working on it, I also simply did not have time.

Now I want to continue the campaign, I really do, I love the time period and I do really enjoy the game, but I have a problem: Time.
I won't go into detail here because Australian educational policy is very off topic, but basically, Queensland (The state in which I live) adopted a new system one or two years ago. This system was already in use by the rest of the country. In theory, the new system sounded fine, but in practise it proved problematic to me. Now, I am diagnosed with Autism (Asperger's specifically) and a Learning Disability, so it has always been necessary that I work harder then most, but I was a B student, after the first round of assignments since the adoption of the new system, I failed all but one of my subjects. I did enquire with my teachers as too why, and they told me that it was not entirely my fault, and measures have been put in place to negate the bias the new system seems to have against special needs students, but the simple fact is I need to put in a larger amount of time into all my subjects than most if I want to pass at a respectable level (While C's are still passes, I have been told that they simply won't cut it to employers anymore and they would likely ignore my application) 

So I don't really get time to myself anymore. Because of this, I doubt I will be able to work on this campaign at any reasonable pace, at-least not in the form it has been the last 4 years.

With that said, I will continue to work, and have decided on the following:

The scope of Sea's on Fire will be decreased. A lot.
Previously, I accepted ships from roughly between 1450 and 1870. That is a massive time span and is rather impractical. 

From now on, the campaign will accept ships from 1775 to 1825. This is a timespan of 50 years rather than 420. 
Essentially, a more appropriate name for Age of Sail: Seas on Fire would be Napoleonic Wars: Seas on Fire. I might even see about renaming the sub-forum.

Thus far I have fiddled with the planet editors physics sliders such that a tall ship with realistic rigging and sails won't immediately capsize. I would say I have been mostly successful on that front, ships are less stable than they should be and are WAY to slow but they function, which is better then eNter physics would do.

In terms of ships, I have created the HMS Alert (The 1777 Topsail Cutter, shown below). Rather cute I think. 
[Image: j7946.jpg]

I want to create the French Abielle Class Brig (Shown Below), but I dread getting a ship as thin as that is to not capsize. 
[Image: Cygne-IMG_8828.jpg]

I also have my eyes set on the French Terrible Class (Shown Below)
[Image: Le_Terrible%2C_construit_à_Toulon_en_1780.jpg]

I cannot guarantee I will ever finish this custom campaign, but I will do my best. 

Also of note is the following: Right now my only computer is my school provided MacBook, which might I say, is one of the least powerful computer's I have ever used. My main computer died, probably the heat, and my MacBook, while it can run FTD well enough, I am forced to use the lowest settings (The graphics card doesn't seem to support the new water shader, which is sad, from what I've seen the new shader is gorgeous. Well done  to whomever wrote it) Until I get a new computer I must be careful what I build, as I already average 20-35 FPS on this thing and I imagine a large ship of the line might kill it. But I have not loaded anything huge so who knows. (FWI, I'm lagging while writing this, what I'm seeing on screen is about 0.3 seconds behind me actually pressing the key's, granted I have the Unity engine running in the background, a Drachinifel video playing on YouTube, about 25 Safari tabs open (in 2 windows) and its around 35 degree's outside right now so its probably not shocking)

Anyway, back on topic, the main issues to the completion of Seas on Fire are time (Caused by school and the fact that Bloodborne has been consuming my life recently) and my computer (Caused by the heat and the sub-par machine my school provided), but with that said, I will do my best to complete the campaign.  

During the school year, I won't be able to do very much at all, as I value my school work above a game that I can come back too once I'm done anyway. So this campaign won't effect my grades in any way, I will make sure of it. If I find my school work effected I will do less work on the campaign, and if I find I have more free time then expected I will do more work on the campaign, a simple effective solution.

I hope to make Seas on Fire's future as bright as I can, but I am notorious for not completing things, I understand this. If I disappear from the forums again, I am happy with other's continuing the campaign in my stead.
Age of Sail: Seas on Fire, the Napoleonic Wars custom campaign
[Image: 6Vp76mI.png]

[Image: 76561198088023049.png]

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