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FF-X7 Core Fighter!

The FF-X7 Core Fighter! Core... for what you say? 
That's coming soon.

Anyway! Mimic blocks are a blessing, though also quite annoying at times. I had to relearn this game 3 times from coming back on... VERY different updates, so that's that.
Not made to be functional, but it can fly (to space) and raise its missiles when it detects an enemy. It has no detection, though. it's just really basic-- something to go along with... hmmm...
Oh, and the cockpit opens when there aren't any enemies.

[Image: ZlJoIzU.jpg]

edit 1: i think the cockpit gimmick broke JUST as i uploaded the blueprint... whatever, i'll try to fix it

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.blueprint   FF-X7.blueprint (Size: 77.3 KB / Downloads: 18)
The problem with testing against your own creations is that you don't know which one to change.

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