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A small change in plan with ammo processors.

What is up Depthians,

With the way the campaign and adventure mode is evolving, we decided to keep our current ammo processors in-game. We thought that we should let you all know now as we understand that a number of you may have or will be removing the ammo processors from your current builds.
The ammo processors will be highly inefficient giving 8 ammo per material. The ammo refineries will be giving a much higher return and more so when the ammo refinery is built on a key point which will be visible on the map. We shall also be removing the ability to purchase ammo and fuel from the map view.

Thanks Smile
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As well as other games Big Grin

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A small change in plan with ammo processors. - by Jon - Community Manager - 2020-01-20, 06:26 PM

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